Become A Chef For A Day Without The Mess!

Planning your next outing? Want to learn a new recipe? Attend an engaging local cooking class with The Art of Good Eating. Step into our “In-House Kitchen” and embrace the fun behind cooking great dishes using professional culinary tools. Our hands-on demonstration is designed for cooks of all levels.

With up to five different classes a month, we offer every person the opportunity to explore his or her taste buds and learn something new in the location of your choice.

Plus, you get to enjoy what you create without having to worry about cleaning up the mess. Each class is held at the front of the “In- House Kitchen” at our location in Lisle, IL and led by Chef Tom.

Browse the selection of our cooking classes by category, calendar date and price range.

“Chef Tom is awesome! I wanted to do a surprise cooking class for a close friend and he was completely into the whole planning process. And not only that, Tom made suggestions that helped me stay within budget. It’s good to know that there are still honest people still around. On the day of our special event, he showed up on time, came prepared and taught us tips and tricks about cooking. We made a delightful Asian meal together. He cleaned up after and we even asked him to stay for lunch because we really enjoyed his company! I will definitely be calling The Art of Good Eating again!”

Alefiyah M., Chicago, IL

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