Become A Chef For A Day Without The Mess!

Planning your next outing? Want to learn a new recipe? Need a exciting “Team Building” event with your staff? Attend an engaging local cooking class with The Art of Good Eating. Step into our “In-House Kitchen” and embrace the fun behind cooking great dishes using professional culinary tools. Our hands-on demonstration is designed for cooks of all levels.

With a variety of classes to select from and a flexible format, we offer every person the opportunity to explore his or her taste buds and learn something new.

Plus, you get to enjoy what you create without having to worry about cleaning up the mess. Each class is held at the front of the “In- House Kitchen” at our location in Lisle, IL and led by Chef Tom.

View a selection of our classes below and let us customize it to fit your group of 2 to 20.

Browse the selection of our cooking classes and give us a call to schedule your culinary adventure.

  • 05/10/18 Thursday – Tapas 6:00 – 7:30

    In this fun, hands-on class, we’ll show you how to transform seasonal ingredients into an assortment of classic delicious tapas. You will learn some of the authentic flavors of Spain, and prepare traditional dishes from scratch. You’ll work alongside others preparing recipes for sausage and vegan eggplant spread. Learn the meaning behind tapas and why the crostini is so important.

    Menu: Crostini, Garlic Shrimp, Roasted Eggplant Spread with Garlic Peppers and Onion, Smoked Sausage in Red Wine

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  • 05/26/18 Saturday – Spring Roll & Egg Roll 5:00 – 7:00

    Learn the details of egg rolls and spring rolls in energetic hands on class. Not only will you learn to roll eggrolls but we will cover the different types of wrappers and how they are used, the different fillings and how to prepare them in advance as well as a dessert roll.


    Menu will consist of items prepared during the demonstration and will be sampled that evening.

    Vegetable Spring Rolls

    Pork Egg Roll

    Chicken Egg Rolls

    Dessert Egg Roll

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  • 06/07/18 Thursday – 10 Tacos From Around the World 6:00 – 8:30

    Tacos are not a Mexico-only thing anymore. They have been incorporated into many different cuisines around the world. In this hands on class we will experience taco recipes that will surely take you on an adventurous world trip. Are you ready for some mind traveling?

    One way to make tacos super exciting is to make global fusion tacos! We will enjoy Indian tacos, Italian tacos, Middle Eastern tacos, and Asian tacos, as well as Mexican tacos and more.

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  • Farmers Market

    Step off the beaten path –join Chef Tom for an insider’s look at what’s available at the Farmers Market. Chef will shop for produce, meats and anything unusual he can find at the local Farmers Market. You will be introduced to the culinary treasures of the Midwest. You’ll learn how to select, store, and prepare the seasons’ produce. Enjoy an evening with Tom learning about his days journey through the farmer’s market, followed by a hands-on cooking class and three-course meal featuring the seasonal food purchased at the market prior to the class accompanied with wine.

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“Chef Tom is awesome! I wanted to do a surprise cooking class for a close friend and he was completely into the whole planning process. And not only that, Tom made suggestions that helped me stay within budget. It’s good to know that there are still honest people still around. On the day of our special event, he showed up on time, came prepared and taught us tips and tricks about cooking. We made a delightful Asian meal together. He cleaned up after and we even asked him to stay for lunch because we really enjoyed his company! I will definitely be calling The Art of Good Eating again!”

Alefiyah M., Chicago, IL

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