Graduation Catering

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· Herb seasoned fried chicken $8
· Marinated oven roasted bone in chicken $7
· Grilled bbq chicken $7
· 5oz marinated grilled chicken breast $9
· 5oz grilled bbq chicken breast $9
· 5oz grilled teriyaki chicken breast $9

· Grilled Salisbury steaks with mushroom sauce $9
· Homemade meatloaf with gravy $9
· Turkey Salisbury steaks with mushroom sauce $9
· Turkey meatloaf with ketchup glaze $9

Mexican Entree
· Chicken enchiladas casserole $8
· Cheese enchiladas casserole $8
· Steak tacos with hard or soft shell, shredded cheese and sour cream $9
· Grilled chipotle chicken soft shell tacos with shredded cheese and sour cream $9

· Slow roasted pulled pork with bbq sauce, slider buns $12
· 5oz grilled chicken breast, brioche roll $10
· 5oz grilled bbq chicken breast, brioche roll $10
· Italian beef in au jus with sweet peppers, French bread $12
· Grilled Italian sausage with peppers and onions in marinara sauce, French bread $12

Hot Sides
· Roasted garlic mashed potatoes
· Cheesy cheddar potatoes
· Herb roasted potatoes with butter and parmesan
· Herb rice pilaf
· Spanish rice
· Baked beans
· Grilled Asparagus (1.00 additional)
· Green beans with smoked almonds
· Sautéed squash medley

Cold Side
· Homemade potato salad (no mayonnaise)
· Oven roasted root vegetable salad
· Tomato basil pasta salad
· Caesar salad with croissant croutons
· Garden vegetable salad with ranch and balsamic vinaigrette dressings

Chicken, Beef, Mexican and Sandwich come with one hot side and one cold side
Prices quoted above are per person


· Baked penne pasta with sausage and peppers
· Baked mostaccioli with meat sauce
· Baked penne pasta with spinach and ricotta
· Penne with alfredo and grilled chicken
· 3 cheese macaroni and cheese
· Meat lasagna
· Cheese lasagna with marinara sauce

Full pan of pasta – serves approximately 20-25 guests
$60 per full pan


Additional Sides
· Soft bread sticks $10/dozen
· Garlic French bread $6/loaf
· Fresh fruit and berries $3/person
· Dinner Rolls $3/dozen
· Pretzel Rolls $4/dozen
· Salsa and Chips $4/person (add guacamole $4/person)
· Fudge Brownies $12/dozen
· Assorted Cookies $12/dozen
· Assorted Petit Fours $15/dozen
· Lemon Squares $12/dozen

Add plates, napkins, plastic silverware, for .50 per person
Add chafing stand, sterno and serving utensils for $8 each set


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