Enjoy an Interactive Cooking Class in the Location of Your Choice!

Have you always wanted to learn how to make fresh pasta or delicious heart healthy meals?   We offer private cooking classes and interactive hands-on cooking lessons so you can explore the culinary delights of Mexico, France or Mediterranean— wherever you want.

Whatever skill, technique or cuisine sparks your interest, Chef Tom Moskos will be your culinary guide as you learn invaluable cooking lessons in the relaxed and inviting setting in our “In-House Kitchen” or in the comfort of your home— your choice!

We offer three flexible ways to create your next unforgettable cooking class with a professional chef!

Attend a Local Cooking Class In Lisle, IL 

Create a special memory with new or old friends by joining us for a specialized cooking class. Taught by renowned culinary master, Chef Tom will dazzle and delight. Plus, you’ll walk away with a new skill set and a delightful and savory culinary experience.

Upgrade Your Next Party With A Cooking Class In Your Home 

Whatever the occasion, schedule a customized cooking class in your own home for a casual evening or centered around a specific theme. Get everyone into the mix as you prepare a delicious meal together and then sit down to enjoy your culinary creations.  Ask about our all organic menu options too!

Schedule A Private Cooking Class in Our “In-House Kitchen” 

Perfect for any occasion from wedding and baby showers, to holiday, birthday, anniversaries and graduation parties, or just getting together for a ladies, guys or couples’ night!

  • BASIC PASTA MAKING – Thursday 2/18

    Menu: Pasta Dough from Scratch – Classic Tomato Sauce

    Class Description: Learn how to create classic Italian pasta. Flavor options include regular, spinach, tomato or squid ink. A selection of shapes will be available. You’ll enjoy practicing mixing, rolling, cutting and learning to cook fresh pasta. Chef will walk you through techniques for making traditional Italian marinara. At the end of class you will package your pasta and marinara to take home. Ready to cook and enjoy when your ready.

    Light snack will be served

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