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Some of our many classes
Spanish Tapas – Italian Second Courses (entrees) – Chinese Takeout – Amazing Mediterranean – Foods of the Season – Craft Pizza – Fresh Pasta – Steak House – Little Italy – Fresh Ravioli at Home – Flavorful Vegetarian Cooking – Paris in Spring – Incredible Homemade Pizza – Grilling – Modern Bistro – Gluten Free – Sunday Supper – Couples in the Kitchen

Classes start at $80

“Chef Tom is awesome! I wanted to do a surprise cooking class for a close friend and he was completely into the whole planning process. And not only that, Tom made suggestions that helped me stay within budget. It’s good to know that there are still honest people still around. On the day of our special event, he showed up on time, came prepared and taught us tips and tricks about cooking. We made a delightful Asian meal together. He cleaned up after and we even asked him to stay for lunch because we really enjoyed his company! I will definitely be calling The Art of Good Eating again!”

Alefiyah M., Chicago, IL